Proformas & Curricula

No. Description Link
1 Proforma: Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours (BFF) DOWNLOAD
2 Curriculum: Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours (BFF) DOWNLOAD
3 Proforma: Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BFR) DOWNLOAD
4 Curriculum: Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BFR) DOWNLOAD

Guidelines & Regulations

No. Description Link
1 Academic Regulations DOWNLOAD
2 Thesis Writing Guide DOWNLOAD
3 Guidelines For The Implementation Of Final Year Project DOWNLOAD
4 Guidelines For Industrial Training DOWNLOAD
5 Guidelines For Survey Camp DOWNLOAD
6 Student Emergency Guide DOWNLOAD
7 Guidelines and Funding Rates for Student's Project DOWNLOAD
8 UTHM Fire Safety Management DOWNLOAD
9 Registration Procedure For New International Students (Undergraduate Courses) DOWNLOAD

Forms (for Students)

No. Description Link
1 Course Registration DOWNLOAD
2 Correction of Course Registration DOWNLOAD
3 Credit Exemption DOWNLOAD
4 Conferment of Degree DOWNLOAD
5 FKAAB Laboratory Form A1 (Environmental Laboratories Only) DOWNLOAD
6 FKAAB Laboratory Form A2 (All Laboratories Except Environmental Laboratories) DOWNLOAD
7 FKAAB Laboratory Form A3 (Sample Storage) DOWNLOAD
8 Student's Project Claims DOWNLOAD
9 Application for Letter of Permission to Obtain Information from a Company (for Project) DOWNLOAD
10 Letter for Confirmation Of Attendance (for Visa Renewal) DOWNLOAD

Forms (for Staff)

No. Code Description Link
1 BEN/UPY/004 Domestic Travel Claims DOWNLOAD
2 BEN/UPY/005 Overseas Travel Claims DOWNLOAD
3 BEN/UPY/006 Use of Own Vehicle DOWNLOAD
4 BEN/UPY/007 Travel Advance DOWNLOAD
5 BEN/UPY/009 Honorarium Claims DOWNLOAD
6 BEN/UPY/010 Honorarium Claims for Invited Speakers DOWNLOAD
7 BEN/UPY/011 Food and Beverages Order DOWNLOAD
8 BEN/UP/043 Declaration of Staff Involved in University Acquisitions DOWNLOAD
9 ORICC/JPK/007 Declaration of Asset/Inventory DOWNLOAD
10 ORICC/JPK/010 List of Assets/Inventories DOWNLOAD
11 ORICC/JPK/019 Ownership Transfer of Asset/Inventory DOWNLOAD
12 ORICC/RD/009 Declaration of Research Information DOWNLOAD
13 ORICC/RD/010 Progress Report DOWNLOAD
14 ORICC/RD/011 Research Grant Extension DOWNLOAD
15 ORICC/RD/012 Final Report DOWNLOAD
16 ORICC/RD/013 Research Vote Closure DOWNLOAD
17 ORICC/RD/015 Participation in National Courses/Seminars/Conferences DOWNLOAD
18 ORICC/RD/015 Participation in Overseas Courses/Seminars/Conferences DOWNLOAD
19 ORICC/RD/025 Publication of Article in Journal DOWNLOAD


No. Description Link
1 Talk on "Writing An Impact Journal and Answering Reviewers' Comments" DOWNLOAD
2 Workshop on "Research Proposal Writing" DOWNLOAD