The Student and Alumni Affairs (HEPA) division in FKAAB provides comprehensive support and services to students for their academic and co-curricular development, such as skills enhancement programs, graduate internships, mobility programs, career guidance, welfare and financial aid. This is to ensure that the faculty is able to produce graduates with balanced academic achievement and personal growth. In addition, HEPA also encourages alumni to maintain a strong relation with the faculty and share their expertise and experience with current students to help them prepare for their future careers. Workshops and networking events are hosted by the faculty through which our alumni participates and serves as industry experts, speak on behalf of their organisations and educate students about their field of work and industry trends.


The faculty regularly organises programs of great benefit for students, such as seminars, courses, workshops, career fairs and industrial talks. Students not only participate in these programs, but also are given the opportunity to organise these programs themselves, under the supervision of HEPA. This acts as an avenue for students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate practical and generic skills.

Activities During MCO

Mentor Alumni Forum discussing the career challenges in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Talks were given by FKAAB Alumni Ir Mohamad Zaki Bin Majid and Ir Mohd Afandi Bin Konting
Knowledge sharing on Civil Engineering Career Navigation provided by FKAAB Alumni Ir Syahirah Binti Mohd Amin
Construction Drawing Workshop was organized as a platform for students to gain exposure on work skills and knowledge that can be applied in actual construction work
B-Rich FKAAB Copywriting program is an intensive entrepreneurial skills management program targeted for FKAAB students who are running a business and are directly involved in the Classroom Incubator 2020 program
Fresh Grad 101: Starter Aid was held to guide students prepare themselves to attract their future employers with a good curriculum vitae. The talk was given by Mr. Azrin Nawi who is a very experienced human resource practitioner in the private sector
Bina Imej Diri was held to guide students to write a resume and cover letter for job application. Students were also given tips on performing well during their internship. The talk was given by Mrs. Nurul Syuhada Ahmad Tajodin, an experienced human resource practitioner
Students took part in a community service program at Kampung Orang Asli Kangkar Senangar, Parit Sulong. Students conducted repair works at Balai Adat and composting program with the community.
Webinar on Women in Engineering, Women's Empowerment was held for female undergraduates to motivate and provide exposure to participants on the opportunities available in the field of engineering for female engineers
A Covid-19 Awareness talk was organized for students to create awareness on the virus transmission and take precautionary measures to prevent the spread. This program also covered the subject of managing mental health during the pandemic, so that they can focus on their studies in this challenging time

Student Development

Students visited the Integrated Agricultural Development Area (IADA) in Selangor as part of their experiential learning activity for their Water Resources Engineering course
Software Skills Workshop on "Concrete-Steel Structure Design using StaadPro" by FKAAB expert Dr. Zainorizuan Mohd Jaini
Software Skills Workshop on Microsoft Project by FKAAB expert Pn. Siti Khalijah Yaman
FKAAB students took part in the IDEERS competition held in Taiwan, demonstrating their earthquake resistant model-making skills
A visit to the IBS Center in Cheras as part of the students' experiential learning process for their Industrialised Building System course
Students learn about sustainable engineering and technology applied at the Energy Commission's green building in Putrajaya
FKAAB students competed at i-HESSCCCC, displaying their self-consolidating concrete cube projects
Students are given an insight into energy efficient building systems at the Putrajaya Holdings building
FKAAB students participated in the Beyond Structures competition organised by the Institute of Structural Engineers
FKAAB Third Year students take part in the Geotechnical Engineering Festival (GeoFest), displaying their course projects
Students take the Malaysian English University Test (MUET) preparotary course in preparation for their test
Software Skills workshop using AutoCAD was conducted for students to enhance their skills in computer-aided engineering drawing
Students visit the tunnel-boring facility for the construction of the Mass Rapid Transit system in Kuala Lumpur
Students get hands-on experience in studying wave characteristics and formation for their Coastal and Port Engineering course
Students take part in the inaugral UTM Bridge Model Competition, demonstrating their skills in bridge model construction, which are then load-tested
Additional lessons in Structural Engineering through the "I Love Struct" program provide better understanding in structural design

Graduate Employability

Career Talk on "What Employers Want?" and "Corporate Grooming" by Salasiah Abbas from UMLand J-Biotech Park Sdn. Bhd.
The Entreprenuership Seminar provided information and tips for students to hone their entreprenuerial skills
Personal Grooming workshop for female students as they prepare for interviews and their future careers
Final year students participated in a Talk on Effective Communication Skills For Engineers
Career Talk and Resume Writing Workshop held for students in preparation for their job-hunting
Students attended a four-day 'Contsruct-Preneur' course endorsed by CIDB Malaysia to expose them to entreprenuership opportunities in the construction industry
FKAAB students undergo a 3-month IBS training at GPIBS Sdn Bhd under the Education Ministry's Graduate Employability Program fund

Mobility Programs

FKAAB student, Lim Way Mei took part in the ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp 2017 in Changchun and Harbin, China
FKAAB students took part in an International Mobility Program to Universitas Bakrie and Institute of Road Engineering in Bandung, Indonesia
FKAAB students on an educational visit to Vietnam as part of the faculty's International Mobility Program
FKAAB students undergo industrial training in China as part of the International Mobility Program
Seven FKAAB students participated in the faculty's International Mobility Program to Indonesia for their industrial training
Two FKAAB students enrol at City University of Hong Kong for one semester as part of the International Mobility Program
Students attend the Building Information Modelling Symposium at the University of Hong Kong as part of the International Mobility Program

Community Engagement

Local and international students engage with the villagers of Kampung Parit Rasipan during a Recycling Awareness program
Students conduct a KidSafe road safety awareness program for kindergarten children at Tadika APC in Parit Raja
60 students were involved in the 'Eksplorasi Desa' community service program at Kampung Haji Ghaffar in Yong Peng
Students take part in the SafeKids road safety campaign for schoolchildren at Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Raja and Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent Batu Pahat
Community Engagement Through Engineering program held on a proposed construction site in Taman Pura Kencana, where students conducted site investigation


Three FKAAB alumni from classes of 2008, 2010 and 2015 were invited to share their experiences and motivate future graduates


The faculty not only places its students' academic performance at great importance and as its top priority, but also their personal advancement and well-being. Students are placed in capable hands of skilled and experienced personnel, and are guided throughout their academic endeavour in the university.

Academic Advisory

The Academic Advisory System or Sistem Penasihatan Akademik (PA) is implemented by FKAAB to ensure the students’ academic performance and their welfare are monitored. The system appoints academic staff as academic advisors, with 15–30 students assigned to each academic advisor. Academic advisors are responsible in advising and counseling students in academic matters during their pursuit of education in the university. By having an Online Advisory System, which is known as PA Online, the academic advisory system has been made simpler. With the PA Online system, the academic advisor is able monitor the students’ performance and establish interaction with the students.

Gathering of academic advisors and advisees during Fuyoo FKAAS 2017
Dr Nor Haslinda and her academic advisees in high spirits during Fuyoo FKAAS 2017
Assoc Prof Dr Felix joins his academic advisees in fun and games during Fuyoo FKAAS 2017
Pn Tuan Norhayati and her academic advisees during one of their get-togethers on campus
Assoc Prof Dr Norwati mentoring her academic advisees before their project presentation
Assoc Prof Dr Aeslina and her academic advisees out on a trip


FKAAB focuses on the performance of its students, particularly in academics. Activities have been planned in order to help students improve their academic performance and skills. For instance, underachieving students (i.e. those who are under probation, having CPA < 2.0) will be sent to special programs that motivate and assist them to achieve better academic performance. Students benefit from the good practices in learning and effective studying, so that students will be able to cope with their studies and rise above overwhelming pressures of being a student. Qualified counsellors also provide guidance and try to assist students in solving their problems. The university’s Counselling Department (under the Student Development Center) plays its role in assisting the development of cognitive and emotional attributes among students. The department, with the help of the faculty has dealt with many cases, such as emotional, mental, personal, family and financial problems.

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The university's Student Affairs (HEP) Office, through its Student Welfare & Financing Unit ensures that students are provided with all of the basic necessities and receive assistance whenever required. Elsewhere, the Student Housing & Transportation Center is responsible for providing accommodation on and off campus, and managing bus shuttle service for students. Student Residential Colleges have been set up across the campus and off-campus, providing decent living spaces at the lowest of costs for students. Students also have access to health services provided for free at the University Health Center, and are eligible for treatment at Government Hospitals and Clinics. All students are insured at a very low annual premium. The student insurance provides protection 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. The university also provides food for under-privileged students through its Sabil Al-Hikmah food for students program. FKAAB also has dedicated a Food For Charity Corner and a Food Bank for students.

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The faculty regularly organises career fairs by inviting companies to hold job interviews for Final Year students. In addition, the faculty provides seminars and workshops for students to expose them to employer expectations, and to train them in resume writing and prepare them for job interviews. Apart from this, the university's Career Department (under the Student Development Center) is a resource center where students gain career-related information. The department also provides training to students as they prepare for the working world. The department organises training programs related to the development of students' careers and soft skills. The programs are focused on enhancing graduate employability through activities such as personal grooming, effective communication, resume preparation, interview coaching, image consulting and other soft skills. The department also runs career relations and cooperation with the Ministry of Education, industry, and other organisations such as the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) and TalentCorp. The department goes the extra mile by bringing students to job fairs across the nation.

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The faculty endorses two student bodies that were established to plan and organise activities for students. These societies provide a great opportunity for students to exhibit their generic skills, which the faculty considers as one way to produce all-rounded individuals.

Civil Engineering Club (KKA)

The Civil Engineering Club or commonly known as Kelab Kejuruteraan Awam (KKA) is the main student body that represents all students at the faculty. The primary purpose of setting up this association is to encourage students' involvement in managing and participating in student development activities. PPA also acts as the medium for discussions between students and the faculty management team. Currently, the association is headed and managed by senior students, under the guidance of the faculty's Student and Alumni Affairs (HEPA) unit. This association is officially registered with the university and all FKAAB students become members once they enroll in FKAAB.


Construction Brigade (CB)

Construction Brigade was set up mainly to cultivate community engagement and service among FKAAB students. This club was officially launched by Tan Sri (Dr.) Ir. Jamilus Md Hussin, Chairman of UTHM Board of Directors. Rural development has been the main agenda of Malaysia's economic policies. Thus, the participation of other parties including students of institutions of higher learning. For this purpose, the Construction Brigade aims to have continuous engagement with all community levels to address issues, increase awareness, improve living standards and lead to holistic and sustainable community development, through civil and environmental engineering. The brigade has since been actively involved in community-based programs organised by students.