Outcome Based Education (OBE)




Outcome-based Education (OBE) has been the emphasis here in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty (FKAAS) primarily in curriculum design and delivery. OBE is simply a concept that sets each part of an educational system around targeted goals or outcomes. These targeted goals or outcomes which should be tangible and measurable are then translated into a quantity with the purpose to reflect the quality of the educational system. Every student is deemed to have achieved these targeted goals or outcomes by the end of their educational experience in FKAAS.

Here at FKAAS, we esteem in highlighting the achieved outcomes of our programme, Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Honours (BFF). This section of the website presents the Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) and Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO) for the aforementioned BFF programme. The methodologies adhered for the assessments of both PEO and PLO have been described. The findings of these assessments presented graphically together with relevant continuous quality improvements (CQI) are presented in the FKAAS OBE Annual Reports. The strength of OBE in FKAAS is showcased in a direct measurement method commonly known as the Fundamental Civil Engineering Examination (FCEE). Interesting quantity and analytical findings of the few years of FCEE in FKAAS is highlighted in the Annual Reports.

OBE implementation and assessments in FKAAS are a continuous process which involves a lot of work. My gratitude and special acknowledgement to the FKAAS OBE Committee of which I would personally label as Best Work Team of Every Year! Truly, they are the outcome-based Team.

Associate Professor Dr. David Yeoh
Chairman of Outcome-based Education, FKAAS




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