Vision, Mission & Objectives


Aspires to lead the application of civil and environmental engineering knowledge in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the benefit of mankind



To produce and train professionals who are creative, innovative, competent and responsible to fulfill the societal and environmental needs in a progressive and sustainable manner


Quality Objectives

  1. Conduct all academic programmes and be recognized by relevant accreditation bodies.
  2. Produce at least 7% of Bachelor graduates with Cumulative Point Average (CPA) of 3.50 and above, and 5% of First Class Bachelor graduates yearly
  3. Produce academic staff with the following qualification;
    1. 50% academic staff with PhD in their respective fields by 2017.
    2. 7% of academic staff registered as Professional Engineers with Board of Engineers Malaysia or any equivalent professional body by 2017.
    3. All academic staff should be a member of at least one professional body related to their field.
  4. Produce at least one publication per academic staff in international/local journals or proceedings yearly.
  5. Ensure 100% academic staff are involved in research yearly and at least 50% in consultancy by 2017.
  6. Ensure each staff is given the opportunity to attend self-development courses at least 40 hours a year.
  7. Ensure faculty staff and students participate at least 5 programmes related to community service yearly.




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