Department of Structural and Material Engineering

Department of Structural and Material Engineering actively involved in research and teaching in the fields of structural design and analysis for various types of structure, such as buildings, bridges and etc. In addition, the department also provides their expertise in delivering knowledge in advance materials in civil engineering in our syllabus.

In these few years, construction and building industries have transformed enormously, especially in the field of design, analysis and construction practice. The analysis and design methods have changed from classical to highly computerized procedure, while the construction practices are moving from conventional or traditional practices to more efficient, less labor intensive industrialized system.

Department of Structures and Materials, are committed to provide excellent teaching and training to our students and researchers in the structures and construction fields to produce highly competitive graduates. Our dedicated academics staff are well trained in their relevant fields and interests and are capable of providing excellent teaching and training to our students and researchers.

The department also provides various facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including the combination of numerical computations and experimental investigations conducted in a well-equipped laboratory.



Research areas are focusing on structural design, analysis and together with material design. The research topic basically follow the current trending, especially on sustainable material and design. Researchers address most critical phenomenon in developing or innovating a new technology that contribute direct or indirectly to our societies. Adressing greatest challenges of our time, researchers in the department use pioneering approaches that range from basic scientific principles to complex engineering design, at scale from nano to macro. The researchers in the department are actively involve in research under research focus group. 



The academic staff of the Structural and Material Engineering Department provide a range of consultancy services. We work in partnership with national and international consultancies to ensure the highest level of expertise is incorporated into engineering design and environmental management. Recent clients include government departments, consultant and construction industries.



  • Repair and strengthening
  • Dynamic Engineering
  • Corrosion on Reinforce Concrete
  • Woven Fabric Composites
  • Computational Modelling (FEM, SPH)
  • Steel Engineering
  • Fatigue and Reliability
  • Structural Assessment
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Floor Vibration
  • Impact Engineering
  • Computational Structural Mechanics



Contact Person

Head of Department
Department of Structural and Material Engineering,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.
Tel: +607-45604495




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